Our Method to Remove Opossums

1. Inspect & Identify Issue: Once you schedule a free inspection, we send over one of our wildlife experts to examine the source of the problems that you're experiencing and also examine the seriousness of the issue at hand.
2. Set Traps: We set traps that are specific to the type of wildlife that need is causing you problems.
3. Animal Exclusion: We humanely remove the animal(s) and repair and seal any entry points, like holes or cracks, to mitigate future issues and so that you can rest assured knowing that the wildlife won't be back. We also repair any damage that was done from the animals, such as damaged insulation or drywall.
4. Clean Up & Sanitize: We clean and sanitize the area of all droppings, smell, etc. to the best of our ability.

Opossums are great climbers that often make their way into attics, sheds, and underneath patios, especially when they are raising their young. They are also experts at scavenging. They find food in garbage cans, pet food bowls, gardens, and anywhere else they can manage to gain access to.

Opossums Are a Nuisance

Although opossums look threatening, they are not actually as dangerous as they seem. Opossums are generally pretty docile and are scared of humans. However, they can still cause trouble on your property.

  • Spread diseases like rabies

  • Urinate in attic & on roof

  • Leave droppings behind

  • Tear open trash bags

  • Chew through storage

  • Destroy gardens & plants

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