Our Method to Remove Bats

1. Inspect & Identify Issue: Once you schedule a free inspection, we send over one of our wildlife experts to examine the source of the problems that you're experiencing and also examine the seriousness of the issue at hand.
2. Set Traps: We set traps that are specific to the type of wildlife that need is causing you problems. For bats specifically, we can also install barriers that will keep bats out and allow them to exit on their own.
3. Animal Exclusion: We humanely remove the animal(s) and repair and seal any entry points, like holes or cracks, to mitigate future issues and so that you can rest assured knowing that the wildlife won't be back. We also repair any damage that was done from the animals, such as damaged insulation or drywall.
4. Clean Up & Sanitize: We clean and sanitize the area of all droppings, smell, etc. to the best of our ability.

Bats are nocturnal and because of this, a lot of people don't realize they have an infestation until quite a bit of time has passed. The first step is to figure out where the bats are roosting. They can actually squeeze into tiny holes that are even smaller than a quarter! Once the home of the bats is located, then a proper exclusion can be planned.

Do You Have Bats?

Have you noticed scratching sounds coming from your attic or inside walls?
Have you noticed heavy staining along your roof line?
Have you noticed a strong ammonia smell or other unexplained foreign odors?
Have you noticed seen bats flying around your property, especially at night?
Have you noticed squeaking noises that you can't identify?

Bats Are Dangerous

Bat exclusions can be dangerous due to the height that is sometimes required to reach their home and also because they carry serious health risks. Bats carry rabies and histoplasmosis. Although bats are an important part of the ecosystem, it can be very dangerous if they get too close to humans.

  • Diseases can easily spread

  • Rabies can be contracted

  • Histoplasmosis can be deadly

  • Dried guano dust is microscopic

  • Bats are territorial & aggressive

  • Sharp teeth can easily break skin

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